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Tongling Tongguanfu Cultral & Creative Corp.LTD

China No:008613806516633

India cell:00919849418727


Address:No. 2666, Tongjing East Road, Tongguan District, Tongling City, Anhui Province



☆Senior Engineer
☆Senior arts and crafts master
☆President of Environmental Arts Committee, CCPIT Construction Branch
☆Executive director of Chinese traditional craft research institute
☆Vice -President of Art Casting Branch of China Foundry Association

Mr. Zhao Min is Senior Art & Crafts Master of China  and founded  TGF in 2012.  He declared and obtained 10 invention patents authorized by the state. And presided over the formulation of three industry standards:《 Technical conditions of Copper and Copper Composite Panel Curtain Wall 》, 《Casting Enamel Crafts》and 《Wrought Copper processing Products》;the colorful gold Thangka invented by him innovation on the basis of inheriting and protecting traditional crafts and won the bronze award of China Tourism Commodities Competition in 2017. He goes through  the innovation of material and process on the basis of traditional cloisonne process , the invention of “casting copper wire enamel” and “stainless steel enamel ” won the  China Foundry Art Gold Award in 2019 ;
He is the founder of the innovated casting process of  “Pictorial Copper Art” on the basis of the traditional “ Lost Pattern Casting” and he created many works such as《Roots》、《 Burgeon》、《Light of life》、《Buddha orchid 》, 《Buddha Flower Heart》, 《Boy Worship Guanyin Buddha》, 《Wind Flower Snow》, 《Ten Monkeys Spring》, 《Golden plate with Green》etc., all of them are integrated Extraordinary inspiration with nature,there are a combination of ancient and modern crafts, Chinese and Western crafts ,what a wonderful;
The 《Roots》 won the Gold award of International Art foundry in China in 2020