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More than 1000 years since Sri:Ramanuja sanctified earth with his birth , It's the much awaited ,auspicious time to dedicate the 'Statue Of Equality ' to the world . 

We were proud to have been involved in the construction of this Statue , 216 feet high SOE ,  Gold Deity ,Dynamic Fountain , Awards ,etc . 

During the great days 02022022 to 14022022, 

"Event Of The Millennium Vibrations Of The Vedas, Energy To The Universe, Will Exalt And Enrich Us . 

It's Truly Joyous To Celebrate This Sahasra:bdi With You ."

                                              = Chinna Jeeyar =

Prime Minister of India ,Sri Narendar Modi Ji, unveiled 216 feet high SOE

President of India , Sri Ram Nath Kovind Ji, unveiled Gold Deity

CM of Telangana , Sri K. Chanrashekar Rao  ,  inaugurated the Dynamic Fountain.